Part of a proud union family, Tara knows firsthand the importance of a family supporting living wages and access to quality, affordable healthcare everyone deserves. As the cost of gas, food, and housing continue to rise, she’ll fight for a living wage, expanded access to healthcare and help rebuild the middle class.


Tara’s husband, a 50 year IBEW member, provided the family’s health insurance. When he needed a life-saving kidney transplant, his union insurance enabled him to get the care he needed, and continue running the electrical company he owned. Tara believes that everyone deserves access to the same kind of healthcare her family was fortunate to have. Tara will work to expand access to healthcare, including mental health and dental care, reduce the cost of prescription drugs, and protect Medicaid and Medicare funding.

Reproductive Freedom

Tara believes everyone deserves access to the healthcare they need, including access to abortion care. She grew up with this access, and today, her daughter doesn’t have those same rights. In Congress, Tara will fight to expand and protect abortion access.


Tara will fight to expand access to high-speed internet and broadband, preserve clean drinking water, and protect the beautiful environment of Western Wisconsin to build our economy and protect our quality of life.